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TOPIC: Future Classics MR2
Future Classics MR2 7 Years, 11 Months ago  
Having looked at the 2014 regs for the Future Classics racing series and having a good chat with board member Japohara (cheers for all the good advice) I'm now contemplating building a MK2 MR2 to Future Classics spec. The new specs are quite open, but the main thing is that the barrier time is 1min 9.5 secs on the National Circuit and if you break that your penalised........

My aim will be to build a N/A Mk2 MR2 with the minimum of modifications to get it competitive. Baring the safety regulations that need to be met I hope to keep the car as near to road legal as possible, and using track/test days to access how far I am off the pace and what the most cost effective mods are that would get me up to pace.

Any advice, hints, tips that will make the car/driver faster would be appreciated. I have given myself a budget of €3,000 to build the car and that includes the purchase of the car/rollcage/seat/harness and fire system (stop laughing).......


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Re: Future Classics MR2 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 88
That budget shouldn't be outside of reach after all the Fiesta Championship cars are built for 1500 - 2000 so if you are clever it should be no problem

All the guys here will help out as much as possible and will always have good advise ...

Tyres ( Toyo R888 are E marked )... Brakes ( EBC Yellowstuff ) ... and Suspension is most inmportant ( BC Racing ) ..

De-cat ... good exhaust system ... good induction kit ... should give you enough power ... You could put an Apexi Neo on it to fine tune it but not required ..

Cage will be no problem .. I already spoke to Eoin as soon as your car is stripped out and ready for him he will make space for it ...

Seat and harness should be easy enough ... There are a few guys I can ask who may have an old seat hanging about ... and possibly a harness ..

Fire extinguisher and stuff ... Murray Motorsport not that expensive ... or if you have an old one that just needs a service I know a guy can get that done cheap ...
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