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Quick Fix - Fixing Pesky Battery Clamps Boss Style
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TOPIC: Quick Fix - Fixing Pesky Battery Clamps Boss Style
Quick Fix - Fixing Pesky Battery Clamps Boss Style 9 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 9
If you are familiar with Top Gear from England, Jeremy Clarkson the Hamster and whatshisname went to Alabama. I'm not sure if the rumor about nothing but southern rednecks is true, but it does have something in common with a car program. Coming from rural Minnesota, we often jimmy rig things to get them to work right, call it a farmer thing. As one friend suggested, prop your car up on the curb to change the oil.

I've got a hot fix for you if your battery terminals have been giving you issues. The proper way is to simply get side terminals and call it good. No corrosion, no wear and they're bolted securely down. Life is never this convenient as is the case of my MR2 which came with a hormones and a personality problem. By hormonal, my car Christine (named for the aforemented hormones and personality) has had issues since day one in regards to the battery posts. Combined with an alarm, it means power to the starter is cut and the battery can drain real quick. Cleaning the terminals, shaving away old bits of terminal and even trying the farmer trick of spraying oil onto it, does not help the connection. New top terminal clamps didn't work either

So here's my fix.


You're looking for one of these, goes by the name of a worm drive clamp. Get a pair of needle nose pliers out or a pair of cutters and remove the worm drive bit, you won't be needing it. What you want is the coil part. Cut it down to a proper side that can wrap around your terminal post. Yeah, we're going to put it between the clamp and the terminal. Use a pair of plyers or needlenose if you need to twist and bend the clamp coil to the proper size, I most certainly did. You'll need to do this twice for both posts.

No muss, no fuss, and more importantly I read my car's mind. It started on cold days it normally had trouble. Instant win.
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